DBTS Africa PTY (LTD) - Busbar Trunking Systems Global Manufacturer

What is busbar?

Busbar Trunking Systems is used for electricity distribution and is an alternative for cumbersome conventional cable systems

Benefits of DBTS busbars

  • DBTS Africa busbar systems are designed and manufactured utilising state of the art technologies and equipment
  • All busbar systems are available in Copper or Aluminium conductors and have degree of protection rating up to IP68, and can be enclosed in non-ventilated aluminium or steel housing or in cast resin
  • Busbars conform to the latest IEC & British Specifications and are designed and manufactured to the stringent ISO9001; 2000 quality standards and are also ASTA and SABS certified
  • All our busbars undergo stringent type testing to international standards before being released from the factory
  • We use Thermoset blu-E-Coat™ epoxy insulation on our busbars. It can withstand temperature above 180oC. The blu-E-Coat™ epoxy insulation is bonded directly to the busbar conductor thus eliminating any air gap between the insulation and conductor. Water or moisture is not able to permeate or condense under the blu-E-Coat™ epoxy insulation.
  • The unique Single Torque Bolt compression fastening system ensures elimination of possible hot spots ensuring fault free and timesaving installations
  • Low maintenance costs and fault possibilities compared to bolted joint installations
  • Significant space saving can also be achieved with our compression fastening system
  • Busbar designs are aesthetically pleasing in open plan areas
  • Existing busbar installations can be accommodated and integrated into the new system
  • Our range of products are especially suitable for industries such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Petro-Chemical, Cement, Process Plants, Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, High Rise Buildings, Shopping Complexes, Airports etc.

Advantages of using busbar over cable

  • Lower risk of theft
  • Busbar Trunking System has the advantage of expansions, changes, replacing and reusing capability in the future
  • Loads can be fed from a Plug-in Box unlike with cables, where each floor/ machine is to be fed separately from the main switchboard
  • Repositioning of distribution points is much simpler
  • Installation time is much shorter then cable system. This provides low installation and manpower costs and help for better time management
  • Busbar trunking systems have a modern and aesthetic look and can be used in open plan areas
  • Busbar systems are maintenance free
  • Close proximity of busbars reduces inductive reactance, resistance, impedance and voltage drop is much lower than with cable
  • Specially designed housing act as a heat sink to yield improved thermal characteristic, high mechanical and short circuit strength
  • Busbar Systems has no chimney effect, hence provide a better resistance to the spread of fire
  • Automatic polarity is maintained during installation
  • System can be mounted edgewise OR flat wise horizontally or vertically in any direction with all kinds of bends and tees etc.
  • The compact structure and steel housing allows much lower electromagnetic field around bus bar system then cable
  • Busbars do not generate electromagnetic interference on data system