DBTS Africa PTY (LTD) - Busbar Trunking Systems Global Manufacturer

General information on DBTS busbars

DBTS™ has established a name as one of the world leaders in innovative busduct, busbars, busway and Busbar Trunking Systems design and manufacture.

Our knowledge of busbar manufacturing, busbar products, busbar specification and our experience with the installation of busbars makes us leaders in the field of busbars. Our busbars are suitable for a wide spectrum of industries including Oil & Gas plants, Petrochemical plants, Energy Generation, Power Plants, Industrial Sector, Airports, Water Treatment Plants, Railway Stations, University/Colleges, Hotels, Residential Blocks, Corporate Offices, Mix Developments & many more.

Unique thermoset blu-E-Coat™ epoxy insulation allows us to produce IP68 Low voltage (Busway CR™ - LV) & Medium Voltage (Busway CR™ - MV) Cast-Resin Busduct Systems, which is highly recommended for outdoor, water immersed, oil & gas (onshore & offshore), petrochemical environments.

Fire resistant rated busduct are also available for essential electrical services. These busduct feeders are designed and manufactured to comply with IEC331 & BS 6387 standards.

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